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Deborah Pauly

I’m running to give voters an independent option as their voice on the Board of Supervisors.  Elected officials who are beholden to special interest groups, at either extreme of the political spectrum, do not make decisions furthering the greater good. I am obligated only to the citizens and US Constitution, which I vow to uphold.

I served active duty in the US Air Force in public affairs, where patriotism and civic duty merged into understanding how policy decisions today impact our communities tomorrow.

As a former city councilwoman, I’ve proven myself able and reliable. Local control and protecting the uniqueness in our District are paramount. 

Accessibility has always been a hallmark of my public service. I genuinely enjoy hearing from constituents, getting to know them and understanding what concerns them. I have lived in the 3rd District for two decades. The best ideas come from voters. Together, we can Make Orange County Great, Again!

I humbly ask for your vote. I consider it a sacred trust.

Thank you for your support!

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I support directing County traffic engineers to improve traffic flow and relieve bottlenecks. I will demand better fire coordination, improved resources and better planning so we don’t repeat the October 2017 Canyon 2 Fire.

I support recognizing the special communities that encompass this great city. From Old Town to Orange Park Acres and myriad barrios in between, diversity is a great part of Orange’s charm worth protecting.

I support respecting and defending the intent of the Foothill Trabuco Specific Plan, which is the foundation ensuring the special quality of life in our largest unincorporated area.

I support ensuring this gracious city never relives anything like the 2008 Freeway Complex Fire. I will demand any future development on County-zoned property includes a net benefit to existing residents by providing traffic relief, additional fire infrastructure and fire breaks.

I support resisting future efforts to build overly dense housing on County-owned property. I will block placing homeless shelters near schools or parks.

I support soliciting their input, as contract cities, prior to approving OC Sheriff’s contracts which heavily impact their budgets.

It is an outrage that this recreational jewel has been closed to the public due to infighting. I will bring the parties together to reopen this asset for the community’s enjoyment.

Finally, I support a Veterans’ Cemetery in our District.


You will find me to be an extreme fiscal conservative in all matters. We are taxed enough already, so there is no reason to add to the burden of our citizens. I consider fees, fines and unnecessary licensing requirements to be “taxes in disguise.” In general, I am in opposition to all, with the exception of specific user fees.

If a resident is taking advantage of a specific service, that is not of general public use, then it is right and proper for government to expect cost recovery on providing that service.

I oppose general obligation bonds that attach to property (residential and commercial) because it is an end run around Prop 13 protections.

It is government’s responsibility to live within its means. I am of the firm belief that Orange County has more than enough revenue to meet necessary services, if those precious resources are intelligently prioritized and allocated.

I have a long track record of opposing illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and SB54, California’s Sanctuary State Law.
I have spoken out at City Council meetings, when they refused to place a resolution on the agenda confirming the city’s commitment to enforce the supreme law of the land.

I accompanied a delegation of residents to a conference with city leaders in Tustin and the chief of police services which ended with an agreement to place that item on the agenda. The constitution is very clear in granting to the federal government jurisdiction over setting immigration policy for the several states.

California oversteps its authority on this matter and I will work with President Trump to effect his agenda in this area.

Here is a video from May 2016 that you may find interesting:

It is my contention that many of the burdens and challenges in our community today stem from the illegal immigration problem. Those ancillary issues include increased crime, human trafficking, drug trade, vagrancy, and reemergence of communicable diseases that had been eradicated from American society.

There is a direct correlation between the increased illegal population and the homeless crisis. I oppose building “permanent” homeless shelters in our communities. I will block any effort to place them near schools, parks or residential neighborhoods. I support temporary shelters, where the homeless can be triaged and those who genuinely need help, want help and will accept help can be directed toward the appropriate agencies.

I would have opposed the establishment of the Joint Powers Authority (JPA) on homelessness that both Don Wagner and Kris Murray voted to establish at the OC-AOC. This has created a new governmental agency, expanded the size of government and hardened the homeless burden as permanent fixture in Orange County.  Once you build it, they will come. I will see what can be done about dismantling this JPA at the soonest opportunity.

I am strongly pro-life. I absolutely oppose any expenditure of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion clinics.

As a Christian, I believe that the Lord God is the giver of life.

We dishonor Our Creator when we kill the most innocent while they are defenseless in the womb.

I am a mother of two and I know that they already had definite personalities before they were born.

I am looking forward to grandchildren now and pray that we are leaving them a country that is One Nation Under God.

I’m a member of the NRA. I am prior military. I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I support my right and your right to protect ourselves, our families, our homes and our businesses.

I believe Orange County should be a “shall issue” county. I had to write a veritable book to get my CCW after I had my life threatened. We should not have to justify, at all, our desire to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights to self-protection.

I have guided others through the CCW application process and when then-Sheriff Hutches briefly relaxed the standards for CCW issuance, I voiced my complaint that one woman was still the only person in that office now trying to single-handedly process an avalanche of new applications.

The County should require proper training for anyone with a firearm and background checks, as required by law. These are reasonable and appropriate requirements for safe handling of weapons.
Those who are properly trained have extraordinarily low incidents of mishaps.

I support President Trump’s national reciprocity legislation, which would permit those with valid CCW licenses issued from one state to carry in other states within our United States. I hope he can get it through.

Our right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and has been reaffirmed by the US Supreme Court.




I want to tell you a story tonight: Most people know that I am listed #6 on the ballot in next Tuesday’s March 12 Special

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The 3rd District runs from Yorba Linda, through Anaheim Hills, Orange, Villa Park, unincorporated North Tustin, Tustin and Irvine. It extends to Silverado and Trabuco. Here’s a map of the District.

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